Why are more and more companies using LMS?

The rise of the online learning trend via LMS has penetrated the corporate world. A Brandon Hall Group survey found that 56% of companies are already using LMS for employee training. Another 22% are considering using it soon. This is sufficient as a reference for LMS users increases from companies for organizing employee training. This increase is due to the advantages they can get. Here are the benefits.

Flexibility: LMS allows companies to provide flexible and affordable training to their employees. Employees can access courses and resources anytime and anywhere according to their schedule. Even, when they are not in the office or a remote location.

Efficiency: With an LMS, companies can deploy training content to their employees quickly and efficiently without having to organize physical classes. It can save time and costs in organizing training.

Ease of monitoring and measurement: LMS allows companies to monitor employee progress in training and gather feedback on their learning experience. It can assist companies in evaluating training effectiveness and making necessary changes to improve training quality.

Scalability: LMS allows companies to provide the same training to employees in different locations simultaneously. It can speed up training delivery and help companies develop the necessary skills in less time.

Increase employee retention and motivation: Employee training via LMS can improve employee retention and motivation in achieving their career goals. Employees will feel more valued by the company and feel supported in their career development.

Support lifelong learning: With an LMS, companies can provide training and development for their employees throughout their careers. Learning materials can be accessed repeatedly when needed. It can help employees continue to develop and acquire the skills needed in their careers, thereby increasing their productivity and contribution to the company.

By using the LMS for employee training, companies can save time and money in training, increase the effectiveness of training, and help employees to continue to grow in their careers. This can help companies to stay competitive in a changing job market and improve the quality and productivity of their employees.

World-class company using LMS

Many world-class companies have used LMS to organize and manage employee training. Here are 5 of them.


This company is a well-known technology company and has used technology to develop its employees. It uses an LMS called the IBM Learning Management System. With this system, IBM can offer online and in-person training to their employees around the world.

The IBM Learning Management System offers various types of training, from technical training to interpersonal skills training. This system also allows employees to take training according to their needs.


This world’s largest fast-food restaurant chain has developed their employee training program. McDonald’s uses an LMS called “McD Campus” to provide training to their new employees around the world. It offers training in multiple languages . Besides, this system also allows managers to track employee progress and identify areas for improvement.


Boeing is the world’s largest aircraft manufacturing company and has employees all over the world. Boeing uses an LMS called “Boeing Learning Management System” to provide training and certification to their employees.

The Boeing Learning Management System offers various types of technical training, including training on aircraft safety and maintenance procedures. This system also allows employees to take the training online and track their progress.

General Electric

This well-known technology and manufacturing company has used technology to develop its employees. General Electric uses an LMS called “GE Learning” to manage its employee training.

GE Learning offers employee training in a variety of areas, including information technology, manufacturing, and interpersonal skills. This system also allows employees to select training according to their needs and track their progress.


Walmart is the world’s largest retail store chain and has thousands of employees worldwide. This company uses an LMS system called “Walmart Academy” to provide training and development for their employees.

The LMS functions to ensure that employees have the necessary skills and knowledge to do their jobs properly, thereby providing a great shopping experience for customers. In addition, Walmart also uses LMS to improve employee performance, increase productivity, and reduce training costs.

The use of LMS technology has helped the company improve business performance and provide benefits for employees. With an LMS, Walmart can speed up training time, ensure training consistency, and allow employees to learn independently. This helps Walmart to create a work environment that is innovative, productive, and continuously growing.

LMS has been used by various companies operating in various sectors. LMS has also proven to be able to provide various benefits for them. Then, how about your company?

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