About Us

We believe that technology can help solve problems

“Could it be the earth with a population of 10 billion where everyone can live comfortably and adequately?”

Today, the human population on earth is 7.3 billion. In 2050, it is estimated that the population will reach 9 billion, and in 2100 it is estimated that the earth’s population will reach a peak of around 10-11 billion.

Our biggest question is how the world economy can meet the needs of so many people. The simple answer is, by increasing the productivity of economic actors, namely companies and people. Imagine if farmers who were previously only able to produce enough food products for 100-200 people per year could produce 300-400 people per year.

Agricultural products will be more affordable, and can provide more people. Imagine a company that is capable of producing medicines per year for 100,000 people, can increase its productivity to meet 300,000 people per year.

An abundant world is the result of high productivity from economic actors. And productivity can be improved by effective learning methods.

Our Mission

Our mission is to increase the productivity of companies, by helping the efficiency of the learning process. We are aware that it is not enough to provide a platform, but also the methodology of how learning should be done.

We believe that the mastery learning method is a fairly effective method for enhancing individual abilities, under conditions of time constraints, which are often experienced by employees in the company.

About Us

We are an information technology company with experience in training. Aplikasi Katalis depart from our experience, see the problem of the lack of effectiveness of the learning process, or even the difficulty of the company to increase employee productivity.

We believe that technology can help solve these problems, combined with an understanding of effective learning methodologies.