Starting from a loss of hundreds of millions of rupiah trying to build their own LMS

Diginusa is a Gramedia educational business institution engaged in school education from grade 1 to grade 12. Diginusa already has a lot of interactive content in SCORM format. Diginusa’s biggest challenge is finding a Learning Management System that can play SCORM content smoothly, and can be accessed from remote parts of Indonesia with adequate sound and video quality.

Jerry Udampo, director of Diginusa said, “Initially we tried to build our own LMS by working with an IT vendor. But for more than a year the development process has been going on, the LMS that we have been waiting for has not been completed, while we have already paid hundreds of millions of rupiah to vendors.”

Then comes offering the LMS on cloud concept, where Diginusa can do a free trial and upload content right away without having to build an LMS from scratch again. The Diginusa team agreed to upload pilot SCORM contents, to be tested on teachers in remote areas. The teachers gave good responses regarding access speed, sound quality, and video quality. Then the Diginusa team decided to use as their LMS of choice.

“Within one month, we managed to master how to use Katalis.App and upload all the content. Our time to market has become very fast, and we can focus on sales, and entrust technical matters and LMS reliability to the Katalis.App team,” added Jerry Udampo.