Katalis.App Helps Gramedia Academy’s Online Class Success in Developing the Soft Skills of the Nation’s Children

Gramedia Academy is an online educational institution under the auspices of PT Kompas Gramedia which is engaged in soft skill and hard skill training. Like many other educational institutions. Gramedia Academy, wants to start switching to using online learning mode in presenting online training.

Their goal at that time was to create an online learning platform based on the Learning Management System [LMS] that +1,000 students could access and could use repeatedly but it was still easy to update learning content.

Long story short, they have spent a total amount of money to invest in this learning management system [LMS]. However, instead of making a profit. In fact, there are still many things that need to be fixed. Such as, the lack of interactivity, limitations in evaluating progress, and the difficulty of measuring the effectiveness of training so that maintenance is quite expensive.

They then felt skeptical about the existence of LMS as an alternative training. However, at that time they did not know Katalis.App as an alternative training platform that was affiliated with Open edX.

Open edX itself is a Learning Management System [LMS] platform that is widely used by large companies and the best universities in the world. Such as Meta, Amazon, Johnson & Johnson, Harvard University, Stanford University and many others.

When you are familiar with Katalis.App, Gramedia Academy does not necessarily subscribe for 1 year. However, Katalis.App provides a trial period [free trial] access for 2 months. To see platform performance and measure the level of satisfaction using the platform as an online learning medium.

Then, after finding out more about Katalis.App LMS, Gramedia Academy. decided to choose this platform as their online learning solution. With LMS, Gramedia Academy can easily create and manage their training programs, including measuring their effectiveness, monitoring student learning progress to making learning progress reports in real time.

Currently, Gramedia Academy has subscribed to a subscription with Katalis.App for +2 years and generates quite a large amount of revenue. In using LMS, Gramedia Academy. also find many other advantages. They can easily customize training programs according to the needs and interests of their market segmentation, provide access to high-quality training content, and save time and money that they previously had to spend on creating LMS independently.

In a short time, Gramedia Academy succeeded in implementing the LMS effectively and providing high quality online training to students.