Grab Holdings Inc., is a leading super-app platform that occupies the first position out of the top 10 tech companies in Southeast Asia. The headquarters are in Singapore and Indonesia. However, it operates in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Kamboja, Thailand, Myanmar, Filipina, and Vietnam. Grab offers services such as online transportation, food delivery, hotel booking, digital payment, and other lifestyle services via mobile application.

In addition to being the biggest startup company, Grab is known as the first Decacorn in Southeast Asia. Decacorn is a private company supported by various ventures with a value of more than $10 billion. With that high value, Grab doesn’t forget the employees’ welfare. Based on My Career Future Singapore, Grab includes six companies going all out in giving employees benefits. Grab can provide proper facilities as well as humanize the employees. 

How does Grab humanize the employees? In addition to being all out in giving employee benefits, Grab has other ways to humanize the employees. Let us check the points below. 

The way Grab views the employees, especially the driver

Grab started its venture as a ride-hailing firm. It employed thousands of drivers all over the cities. Grab calls the drivers as partners rather than employees. It indicates that Grab and the driver-partner are in the same position to give advantages to each other.

Besides, Grabs firmly states on its website its commitment to giving learning access for driver-partners development on and off the road. It doesn’t see the employees as robots who have to reach the company targets yet humans who have the right to develop their skills and have a better life. Grab gives choices to the driver-partners to upskill their competence in their current position or reskill their ability to have the better profession they want. Grab leverages LMS or a portal to conduct online training sessions in realizing this great program.

Providing a holistic e-learning portal

As per the previous discussion, Grab tries to humanize the driver-partners by facilitating training and leveraging an LMS or e-learning portal. The portal aims to 2000-3000 drivers-partners to reskill and upskill. It is initiated by the partnership of Grab and Ngee Ann Polytechnic and supported by SSG for funding.

The holistic portal is a proper terminology. It is because the portal has holistic benefits for both company and employees, holistic training topics, and holistic services that consist of training for developing a career in or out of Grab.

There are three types of driver-partners as the target of the portal. They are captains, career jumpers, and explorers. Captains are the driver-partners who want to remain working with Grab. Career-jumpers are the driver-partners who plan to back to their former work or build new career paths. Explorers are those who plan to transition out of Grab, but they are not sure about the way to step.

For the captains, Grab provides a driver training program and freelance jobs beyond the Grab widget to support additional earnings. The career jumpers and the explorers can join the driver training program and Grab career support portal. 

The training consists of both offline and online. For the online training is conducted in the e-learning portal that consists of 3 main choices of training, they are:

Joining Grab

This part is addressed to the new driver-partners starting their career with Grab. All learning modules here are mandatory to learn as a requirement to activate the App and as official driver-partners. The topics are vehicle safety and maintenance, customer service and quality, managing GrabPay Wallet, receiving and completing a job, and some other themes related to fundamental material for onboarding. Besides, there will be Assessment and STA training as well.

Professional and Personal Development

After finishing the onboarding training, the driver-partners can have upskilling here. They can choose some topics such as life skills (motion graphics design, Microsoft excel, cryptocurrency, etc.), side hustle related (barista skill, WordPress website, digital marketing, etc.), or responsible driving. 

Career Transition

Grab has never forced driver-partners to stay forever in the Grab platform. It allows them to have better professional or career paths out of Grab. Grab facilitates them to learn new skills through its e-learning platform. It is for both those who have a diploma and do not have one.

The courses are bout programming in Python, Search engine optimization, digital commerce, content marketing, accountancy, etc. They can choose the topic which is suitable to their passion. They can search for a job here as well.

Besides driver partners, Grab provides training for delivery partners as well. The topic is service and food hygiene, occupational safety, etc. 


Facilitating students with special needs various training and worthy job opportunity

In addition to giving development training to the driver-partners, Grab also collaborated with APSN to provide job opportunities for those with mild intellectual disabilities. APSN is a social agency that provides education for the mild intellectual disability community. APSN schools have a holistic curriculum to prepare the students for employment and long-life learning. Through the partnership, Grabs offers on-the-job training and full time-position for qualified candidates in GrabSupermarket, GrabMart, and GrabKitchen.

Well, it is not excessive to say that Grab is a great company. It provides jobs for thousands of residents, helps small businesses market their products, and eases people to get the transportation or food they want. Besides, we can see that Grab’s E-learning portal has a significant role in delivering the training. Grab does not only take the benefit of giving employee training for the company’s progress but also for the employees’ better life. This social value is still not enough as Grab also cares for the disabled to get a proper job. It shows us that we can leverage an LMS to reach our benefit and millions of people.

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