Tutoring or tuition center is a timeless education business. It always finds its market. Especially the tuition center which targets elementary and high school students to enhance their comprehension toward school subjects. Even parents today also choose a tuition center to teach their kids reading and writing.

Tuition industry has recently developed as the development of digital technology in the form of online tuition. Nowadays we can easily find online tuition for various levels of education. The learning activity is conducted online using a website or online learning application. This kind of tuition is now in great demand since the learning time is more flexible and students can repeat teachers’ explanations whenever they need.

For the education business enthusiast, for the beginner or those who actually have had a face to face tuition business and want to develop it, an online tuition is a recommended business to build. It doesn’t need too much capital yet it is profitable. Besides, the way to start an online tuition business is relatively easy as explained below.

How to Start the Online Tuition

Research the needs and interests  

The research of consumer needs and interest is a prominent thing to do in starting a business including the online tuition. The research focus consists of at least 2 things as mentioned below.

  • Subject interests. Find out the subjects which usually need extra learning such as math, physics, chemistry, accountancy, English, and other foreign languages. Nowadays parents also ask their kids to learn reading and writing in a tuition center, so it can be included in subject choice to offer.
  • Education level of the target. Based on the research finding about the subjects interest, it can be assumed that the education level of the target are students of preschool up to senior high school. Then, make a list of subject choices which is proper for them.

After having completed research finding, then, consider the capacity of the tutor or teacher to decide what subjects that will be offered in the tuition center. 

Concept of the tuition center

The second thing to do is determine the tuition concept. This concept will be the tuition’s character to differentiate it with another tuition centers. To attract people’s interests, make a unique concept. For instance, besides a full online learning program, you can also offer blended learning for the online tuition program to make the students be able to interact with other students and teachers. 

Make the tuition canter more than a place to learn. The tuition is not only to get academic knowledge but also character education inside the programs. It can be made through a students gathering program which is conducted every three months and another programs which are integrated in the learning process to strengthen students’ discipline, responsibility, respect, etc. It will be more perfect to make standard operating procedure (SOP) related to the characters education which will be focused to be integrated.

Making the tuition concept is not only about creating the uniqueness to attract the targets but also planning the learning duration, schedule, administration, payment, and learning method.

Qualified team

In recruiting the teachers, make sure to only choose candidates with good performance at personality, technology, and academic comprehension in accordance to the subject that will be taught. Then, give them training about the institution SOP to make sure everyone has the same vision and mission. It is important to be conducted to realize the tuition concept well and maintain its quality.

Determine the LMS or learning application

LMS (Learning Management System) is a software application or web-based technology to plan, implement, and assess learning processes.  By using the LMS the teachers can convey material content to be accessed by students. Here the teachers can conduct assessment as well.

As we know that online learning can use synchronous and asynchronous methods. Synchronous means teachers and students are online at the same time to learn. While asynchronous means the students and teachers should not be online at the same time, students are more flexible to access learning content.

In synchronous we can use video conference tools such as skype, Google Meet, Zoom, or even WhatsApp video call for small groups. While asynchronous can be conducted by using the LMS where teachers have uploaded the learning content or assessment which can be accessed by students in more flexible time.

  In determining the LMS to use, there are several things to be considered as the following points. 

  1. Make sure the quality of security toward cyber attack, choose LMS only from competent and trusted developers such as Katalis App.
  2. Make sure the developer provides system updates to avoid virus or hacker and technical assistance in case technical problems happen.
  3. Customize the LMS features to the needs and the numbers of students and teachers who will access it at the same time.
  4. Consider the budget.

An online tuition center that has its own LMS will be considered more professional and easier to attract people. Unfortunately, most LMS are offered at a very high price. Hence, before choosing the LMS, consider the budget carefully.

One of LMS developers that offer the product with a rational price is Katalis App. It offers several packages such as for a non-profit company, company with profit orientation, personal with profit orientation, and personal without profit orientation.

Prepare the tools

In addition to the LMS we also need other tools to run an online tuition business like a good internet connection and audio, video, or multimedia devices to create and edit learning content.


Run a total promotion. Introduce your online tuition to the society by emphasizing on its character, uniqueness, and the advantages. However, never use any words that will drop other institutions. The promotion can be made through social media, lending page, or directly person to person using word of mouth.

That’s all the steps to start an online tuition business. The preparation is easy to do. Hopefully it can inspire you to run this profitable business.

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