Video is rich and fun learning content. It supports multi-sensory learning that involves text, moving images, and audio. Facilitating multiple senses in understanding a concept enables learners to make more cognitive connections. Hence, they can understand the concept better and faster. It is according to an article published by Psychology Today entitled “Video Vs Text: The Brain Perspective”. The human brain processes video learning content 60.000 times faster than text.

However, video is still considered a one-way interaction learning media. The learners will only acquire learning input passively without giving any response. Anyway, is it possible to have a learning media which is as fun as video yet facilitates two-way interaction? The answer is exactly yes. SCORM will be the solution.

What is SCORM?

SCORM stands for Sharable Content Object Reference Model. It was built by the US Department of Defense organization called ADL in 2000. The ADL’s goal was to create a standard that would make it easier to index learning content used in e-learning. 

SCORM is a technical standard for LMS content so SCORM content can “play well” with other Learning Management Systems. For example, the same SCORM content can be played inside Moodle, Open edX, and other LMS software without any changes.

SCORM has five versions. They are SCORM 1.1, SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 2nd Edition, SCORM 2004 3rd Edition, and SCORM 2004 4th Edition. The most used versions are SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 3rd Edition. However, make sure of the compatibility of your LMS to decide which version to use.

How to create a SCORM Package? 

To create a SCORM package you need more effort and technical skills. There are three steps to do if you want to create it from scratch without any authoring tools. The steps are:

  • Collect all information needed in the course like text, images, audio, and video. Save those files in a specific folder. Then make a storyboard to plan how the files will come together.
  • Create an HTML version of your course so that your SCORM content is displayable on a website or LMS. It will be too challenging if you are not a tech type. So, an authoring tool will be your solution.
  • Add the SCORM files to the LMS. You must create various text files to describe your course using SCORM terminologies. Then, put them into a ZIP package along with the HTML content that you have made. It is needed to enable the LMS process of your course and record learning statistics.

For those of you who are not a tech type, once more, the steps are too challenging. So, you can use authoring tools to create your SCORM without certain tech skills like HTML and XML. The SCORM authoring tools are iSpring, Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, Lectora, etc. Most of the SCORM authoring tools are free of charge.

It is recommended to use SCORM in an LMS for e-learning because it has several benefits. Here are the benefits of SCORM.

Benefits of SCORM for e-learning


Imagine if SCORM is a DVD and LMS is the DVD player. 

Either LMS or DVD players come from various brands. When you buy a movie in DVD format, you don’t have to be worried about the type or brand of the DVD players to play it. Whether it is Toshiba, Sharp, or Panasonic. All DVD player brands can play the movie. It is because the DVD is an international standard format. So, it can be recognized by all DVD player brands.

So is SCORM. You can access SCORM content in various brands of LMS. Once you decide to transform your LMS provider, you don’t have to be worried. You can still use the SCORM contents that you have made. Just directly upload it into your new LMS. However, make sure that the LMS is compatible to access the SCORM format. One of the most recommended LMS that is compatible with SCORM is Katalis.App LMS.

Clear courses structure

You can build a clear course structure and define rules to move from one section to another section. For instance, a learner needs to study a piece of material first, then watch a video, and finally take the quiz and the end.

Saving learner’s progress

The learners do not have to complete the course at once. They can decide the amount of time to spend on the course. It will be useful for the employees who join the training and should adapt to their working hours or bustle. It is just as easy as clicking the next button or stopping wherever and whenever they want.


SCORM can report the learners’ progress and assessment results. When the learners have accomplished the course, the system will show their score and status of completion.

Increasing students’ engagement

E-learning content should be interesting for the learners to gain engagement. Learners’ engagement is one of the significant elements in achieving a successful learning program. In e-learning programs, learners’ engagement can be attracted through the LMS and learning content.

As discussed above, video is an effective and fun learning content because it facilitates multiple-sensory learning. Unfortunately, it only facilitates one-way interaction. By using SCORM, we can facilitate the learners with learning content that is as fun as video but facilitates two-way interaction.

By using SCORM, learning content will be more interactive, fun, and dynamic. The learners will not only passively read the text or watch a video to get an explanation but also move the cursor to choose which part they want to study. They will also move the cursor or touch the screen to play an animation of an explanation about the material. 

Besides, The quiz will be interactive. The learners can answer the questions directly there. It can be in the form of a drop-down-multiple choice, short answer, matchmaking, etc. It enables the insertion of video and pictures to make the questions clear. Furthermore, it increases learners’ comprehension of the questions. 

Therefore, SCORM learning content will be more challenging and fun at once. As active learning is more effective than passive learning, SCORM, an excellent tool for creating interactive e-learning, plays an important role. You don’t have any reason to postpone your decision to use SCORM learning content. However, make sure you use an LMS that is compatible with SCORM. For example, Katalis.App LMS.

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