Starbucks Achievement

Starbucks is a popular coffee company and the biggest coffeehouse chain throughout the world. As for now, the Starbucks kingdom is getting massive with 29,000 stores in 77 countries worldwide, with estimated daily consumers: 5 million people.

In 2016, Starbucks had 238,000 employees with asset value US$77 billion or 1.1017 trillion rupiahs within a year. Based on (21/11/2018), Starbucks revenue since 2003 until 2018 exceeds US$24,72 billion, a fantastic number compared to the other coffee shops who don’t have a giant franchise network like Starbucks.

The supporting factor of their success is the “extraordinary” selling concept. Besides its own product, coffee, Starbucks also offers various hot and cold beverages, food and snacks, ice cream, instant coffee, and specific seasonal product. Furthermore, they also sell other commodities like the tumbler, glass, book, music, and even movie. In accordance with that, Starbucks also adapts and go with the trend by creating the alternative needs to fulfill the market interest by providing free Wi-Fi for its loyal customers.


Engage the Human Side of Customers

Besides the business concept, baristas impacting so much Starbucks’ success, who provide the unforgettable sipping coffee experience for loyal customers. It’s not a tale that there are many attracting coffee shops but have no qualified and friendly service.

Not only based on the automated service, but Starbucks barista could also engage closer to its customers. The friendly interaction could engage the human side of the customers. Hence, instead of feeling like talking to a robot or human in a normative manner, the customers would assume they are talking privately to an old friend. Definitely, this is crucial in boosting the trust and loyalty to a business, especially a coffeeshop whereas the direct interaction is inevitable.

Starbucks does a great effort in sustaining the taste of their coffee. The barista uses the semi-automated coffee machine rather than the automatic machine claimed to save time, energy, and budget. The coffee-making process encourages the barista to show their best skill in serving the memorable coffee. Hence, a cup of Starbucks coffee is worth the price.


Skill Training and Employee Knowledge

Starbucks attempt to enhance the human touch in selling their coffee has brought them to provide the training and product knowledge. Not only the ability to serve the beverages as requested, but they also need to respond to the customers’ complaint positively amid difficult situations. Starbucks invested heavily in training the employee to achieve the amazing experience in establishing a reliable company culture.

How Starbucks develop their employees considering a large number of the franchise?

Starbucks recruit and guide the employee with a 70/20/10 approach. It means, 70% of the training is conducted in the workplace, 20% assisted by the instructor, and 10% by the online e-learning module. Let’s say when there’s a new employee signed by Starbucks, they must attend the initial course from the Starbucks manager where they work at. Subsequently, the specific instructor is prepared to teach them about Starbucks Experience including the history, legacy, and company culture. This training is conducted for each new employee in the Starbucks regional training center. Aside from that, there would also be an instructor who teaches the barista basic knowledge for the new employee.

The multilevel approach of Starbucks is becoming more consistent when they utilize the social learning video led by an instructor. The video platform allows the instructor to record one training class session and share it with the employees. This would ensure the training is consistent and expandable to other branches.

Starbucks also acquires the best of technology development. Starbucks mobile app is released, implementing a simple lesson about the training of acoffeeshop. This enables each employee in any Starbucks store to share the tips and trick useful for others in order to improve the service and growth.

The interaction between the customers, barista, and managers could be filmed in a short video uploaded to Starbucks media center as the social experiment and learning for all employees of any level. Also, the interesting video would be posted in social media in order to attract the new customer to experience the real Starbucks atmosphere.