Programming language is one of the elements that underlie the existence of various technological sophistication. One of the most popular programming languages ​​in the world is Python. Python is a compulsory lesson in France because it has many functions and is considered very important.

What is Python?

Python is a general purpose-based programming language. Thus Python can be used for various purposes, especially creating applications, computer commands, and analyzing data. Positions like back-end developers, IT, and data scientists usually use Python.

Python is included in a high-level programming language. However, Python is considered the easiest to learn compared to other programming languages. The syntax is easy to understand. Besides, the implementation is not complicated.

Python can run on various operating systems ranging from PCs to smartphones. Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Symbian, and other systems are compatible with Python. Because it provides many conveniences, Python is often recommended for beginners to learn.

Why is Python popular?

Python is the most used programming language in various industrial fields. According to a survey from RedMong, Python is the second favorite programming language for developers in 2021 – since its emergence in the 1990s.

The reasons Python is popular include:

  1. The syntax is easy to remember and understand
  2. It can be used for various purposes
  3. Open-source, thus extending Python’s capabilities with tons of creator-made features and code

Uses of Python

Python is popular as a programming language with a myriad of uses. Thus Python has facilitated many affairs in various fields. Here are 5 of the Python uses.

1. Application Development

Python has a GUI (Graphical User Interface) program. GUI functions to develop applications that allow interaction between computer systems and users. These interactions are in the form of icons, images, and text. Game application is one of the examples. With a GUI, game applications become more interactive and fun.

2. Website Development

In this digital era, websites are prominent in business, especially for marketing. In addition to conveying information about products, the website also gives a professional impression. With interactive features, the website can be the main attraction for visitors and customers.

Python is usually used to build applications that are not visible to the user, such as back-end websites. Its role in website development includes sending data to and from the server, URL routing, security, and processing data and then connecting it to the database.

3. Machine Learning Technology Development

Python is also used to develop machine learning. This technology is a technique for educating computers to learn programming algorithms so they can carry out their own tasks without user guidance. This is related to data management where the technology allows users to input various materials.

4. IoT system development

The Internet of Things (IoT) means the Internet is everything. IoT is a concept where an object has technology such as sensors and software to communicate with other devices when using the internet. Python can be used to develop IoT. Its role is very much needed because Python offers various conveniences.

5. Fintech Development

The financial technology (fintech) industry also uses Python a lot. Python makes applications with various features in fintech more secure. Python can support the process of operating fintech applications that require a fast system.

Master Python easily

It’s time for you to master Python. Today many industries require a workforce with Python skills. One of them is the digital financial industry or fintech. Of course, this is a great opportunity because Python is easy to learn even for someone without an IT education background.

The good news is you can master Python easily. Only by taking online training, you can learn Python without interrupting your main daily activities. Katalis.App is ready to assist you in realizing your target of mastering Python easily. Get info here or via WhatsApp chat at 089656151672.

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