Since 2019, a new generation known as Generation Z has begun to enter the workforce. The presence of Gen Z will be a challenge for companies. They have more unique characteristics and orientations toward work than previous generations.

Who is Generation Z and what is the challenge for companies?

Generation Z (Gen Z) was born around 1995-2010. In Asia-Pacific, this generation will make up a quarter of the total population in 2025. Thus their existence in the workforce will continue to increase and is expected to reach 30% in 2030.

Gen Z is the first generation to really grow up in the digital era and technology. They are so advanced and used to digital technology and communications. They like a flexible and inclusive work environment with high career demands. A LinkedIn survey found 76% of this generation believe learning is the key to their success. Therefore, this generation chooses to stay in companies that invest in career development and employability skills in training programs.

For professional companies, training and developing employee skills is an important strategy for employee retention and increasing profits. However, the constraints of busy employee work schedules and high costs are often obstacles. Then new challenges are added with the presence of Gen Z who prefer learning models that provide access to independence and are self-directed.

Nonetheless, there will be a solution for every challenge and problem. One of the solutions is implementing effective personalized learning, especially for Generation Z. Then, what is personalized learning and how effective is it for Generation Z? Here’s the discussion.

What is meant by personalized learning?

Personalized learning is a teaching technique that aims to help educators, tutors, and instructors identify the unique needs, interests, and abilities of a learner in order to create customized learning designs to accommodate them. It is because everyone has different learning needs and speeds. Personalized learning can be in various methods ranging from adaptive and blended learning to project-based. Whatever the method or model is, the most important is providing access to the learner’s experience, knowledge, and preferences to guide the learning process. In this way, learners will gain knowledge more quickly and efficiently and can retain it longer.

How effective is personalized learning for Gen Z?

Generation Z has 3 special characteristics in viewing learning. These characteristics are on-demand learning, learning by doing, and collaborative learning. Those characteristics make personalized learning effective for Gen Z.

When it comes to on-demand learning, Gen Z is used to the convenience of getting the information they need. By using Google, marketplace applications, and social media, they can get various information in just a few seconds. This convenience then influences their perspective on learning as something that can be accessed easily using technology. They also prefer learning something from videos rather than reading very long articles. Short duration and attractive visual appearance really help them to learn independently (self-directed learning).

Gen Z also tends to learn by doing. They can communicate with other people from all over the world, apply the information obtained, and correct errors from other information. This ability to combine a lot of information from various sources then creates a unique learning experience. Gen Z thinks that gaining knowledge is the same as gaining new experiences.

Collaborative learning is another characteristic of Generation Z. By the sophistication of technology, they are used to sharing and exploring information or knowledge with other people, both from the same generation and previous generations. This habit then influences Gen Z in viewing learning as a fun activity to do collaboratively using technology.


After discussing the characteristics of Gen Z in viewing learning, it can be concluded that personalized learning will be an effective technique for Generation Z. When Gen Z employees enter the workforce, a new era begins in employee training. Young people growing up in a world of high internet speeds and constant connectivity are awakening us to the need for practical learning in a place that supports collaboration and the exchange of ideas. By leveraging personalized learning for Gen Z, we can unlock their unique potential and pave the way for a more efficient and innovative workforce than ever before.

Regarding the use of technology for personalized learning, online learning platforms, especially the LMS, are the most recommended. LMS can make it easier to conduct learning management and create various formats of learning content that suit the needs of Gen Z. However, make sure you choose the right LMS so it is easy and doesn’t become an obstacle to training programs. Katalis App. is a proven LMS and highly recommended because this application is on the cloud, based on Open edX, has no servers, no IT team, and can be accessed immediately. For more information about Katalis.App contact us here.

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